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Our geography

Back in 2011, we started working only in one country, Montenegro. I live here, and we have our headquarters here. The, my website, where I talk about traveling around this incredible country, is one of the most popular car rental sites in Montenegro.
Since 2015, we started operating in the Czech Republic, and in 2018 we added 4 more countries - Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, and Cyprus. Because of the fact that we are growing extremely fast, we launched a new site for all countries we are now operating in - In 2018 we made a rebranding and now the website is called Here you can rent a car in any of the countries where we operate.
International car rental companies often can not provide the service of the desired quality, that is why we cooperate with small local rentals. Often this is a family business with one office and several dozens of cars. Some companies have been working in this field for 20 or even 40 years. We carefully choose our partners, personally get acquainted with each of them and track the quality of their work based on feedback from our customers.
When you rent a car in our company, you can meet or even become friends with the owner of the rental company, exchange phones with him for the future. Usually, they are extremely nice and hardworking people. In the era of huge international corporations and monopolies, you can support their small business. For me, it is a big pleasure to work with them. I believe you also going to like them.